Wi-Fi Setup


ATTENTION: Wi-Fi setup is required when setting up ivee for the first time.

Note: To communicate most effectively with ivee, see "Voice Control Tips" on page 22. To set up ivee's Wi-Fi connection, say "Hello ivee," and wait for her response. Then, say "Wi-Fi Setup." Listen and respond to her prompts. Once ivee discovers Wi-Fi networks around you, follow these steps:

1. Use the up and down arrow buttons to scroll through the list of available networks. When your desired network is highlighted, press the command bar to select it.

2. If your network requires a password, use the + and - buttons to scroll through the characters, and press the command bar to select your desired characters.

To add numbers, special characters, or change from lower to upper case letters, press the down arrow button, and highlight "abc" or "123." Press the command bar. This will change the character set. Keep pressing the command bar until you reach your desired character set. Press the up arrow button to move back up to the characters.

3. When you're finished entering your password, press the down arrow button to access the options at the bottom of the screen, use the + button to scroll to "Done" and press the command bar.

4. Once the password is accepted, ivee will test her internet connection. If the password is incorrect, or is she cannot connect to your network for other reasons, attempt these steps again.

Once ivee is connected to your network, she will be in Connected Mode.



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