Communication With ivee


Activation By Voice

To communicate with ivee by voice, first make sure her IVR on / off switch is set to ON. The Listening icon at the top left of her LCD screen will change, depending on the position of the switch.

In IVR mode, she will always listen for the trigger words "Hello ivee" (pronounced "ivy"). When she hears these words, she will ask you for a command.

Voice Control Tips

ivee is designed to understand natural language and learn from you over time. However, when you're first getting to know her, keep the following voice control tips in mind:

  • Speak naturally, like you're talking to a person.
  • Use normal, relaxed tone of voice when speaking to ivee.
  • Wait for ivee to stop speaking before you give her a command.
  • If you want to interrupt her speech, press her command bar.
  • ivee needs her space and hears you best when you're at lease three feet away from her microphones.
  • ivee listens most effectively when you're within a 10-foot radius of her.
  • Use ivee in a quiet environment
  • Avoid talking to ivee in a room with reverberation.

Activation By Voice

If you wish to activate ivee by touch, flip her IVR switch to the OFF position. In Touch mode, ivee will not listen for the trigger words "Hello ivee." To get her attention, press ivee's command bar. She will then ask you for a command.





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