ivee sleek is your new personal assistant, always alert and awaiting your instructions. Through her Interactive Voice Response (IVR) voice control technology, she will listen and respond to your verbal commands. Simply say, "hello ivee" (pronounced "ivy") to get her attention, and ask her about the time, date, weather and much more.

ivee can act as your alarm clock and assist you with waking up every morning. She can be your personal DJ by playing your favorite radio station. She can even help you control other devices in your home automation system.

As you interact with ivee, she will continue to learn from you and evolve into your even more personalized assistant.

Connected Mode vs. Disconnected Mode

ivee is designed to learn and operate best when she in Connected Mode (connected to Wi-Fi). In Connected Mode, ivee can set her time over-the-air, connect to the speech server and recognize your commands, and control devices in your home automation system. If Wi-Fi is not available, she will only have limited functionality.

When ivee is not connected to Wi-Fi, she is in Disconnected Mode. In this mode, ivee can still function as an alarm clock and radio, but her time will need to be set manually and she will only be able to respond to commands that do not need internet connectivity.

Command List

The supplied command list shows commands for both Connected and Disconnected Mode. These are the commands to which ivee can respond as soon as she is set up, but she will continue to learn new commands the more you interact with her.

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