How do I link my ivee to my account?


If you already have an account set up and would like to link ivee to it, give the command "ivee account". ivee will then direct you to where you will be asked to enter the 2-word combo provided by ivee. After that, your ivee should be linked to your account. Say the "ivee account" command again for ivee to display your account details.


Note: Linking an ivee to your account only pertains to the Sleek. If you have a Digit or Flex, there isn't any account setup process.

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    Jim Harbin

    How do you link your Ivee to a new account? I recently became the second owner and it won't let me link my account, but still shows the orginal owners account. Is there a way to reset the the account info from the device?

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    Hello, in July 2015 I bought the IVEE SLEEK to ebay seller "Ocean Reef Electronics". The Unit was flag as REFURBISHED, but the Unit came with one account already set. I have never been allow to edit or erase that account linked to my IVEE. Even I have talked with IVEE's support for more than one month. Can you give us a fix to this issue, please? I have tried several times to FACTORY RESET but the old account is always already linked to my IVEE. Is there a way to link my IVEE to a new IVEE account??? Thanks in advance

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    Jim Harbin

    I'm guessing support for our products is pretty much non-existent. Seems like a lot of the questions being posted on here are not being answered.

    IVEE support are you still alive?

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    Joe Vassallo

    Can't connect

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