Why doesn't ivee understand me?


If you are having trouble getting your ivee Sleek to recognize your commands, it could be a few reasons.

These reasons may be:

 - Really high pitched or soft toned voice.

  • Make sure to speak with a normal voice. Unfortunately it doesn't work so well with young children or elder folks with soft voices.

 - Pausing too long between words.

  • Make sure when you are giving a command, the pauses between words aren't too long. If a pause is too long, ivee will assume you are done talking and will attempt to process your incomplete command.

 - Saying incorrect commands.

  • The commands that ivee knows must be said verbatim. A complete list of commands can be seen at this link: http://my.helloivee.com/commands/ .

 - Background voices and/or noise.

  • Any loud background voices or noise during ivee's 'listening' will interfere with your command, thus ending up with a incorrect response.


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